Zee aka Matteo Zarcone is a Dj, drummer and producer.
He is been playing as a Dj in the most important clubs in Italy and around Europe for the past 10 years, working with the most prestigious artists from the international House Music scene.
In his productions as in his live sets there is a feel of his love for Chicago House Music, Detroit Techno and Deep House Music: warm sounds that harmonizes perfectly with his old school groove and a raw touch in producing coming from the use of edgy vinyl samples. His live is an energetic set in which he plays electronic drums, analog synths and drum machines while he is mixing.
During his career he has released music with different projects for important labels such as the legendary “King Street Sounds” from New York, the Danish “Two House Records”, “Siesta Records” from San Diego, “Sony Music”, “Resopal Shallware” from Berlin etc. etc. having stunning feedbacks from the most important Djs around the world.
In the summer of 2016 he starts a new chapter by using the nickname ZEE and along with the new name a lot of new music is coming with it.
As a musician he played with different bands around Europe and during is career he opening act for important artists such as Oasis, Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, Stereophonics, Azaelia Banks, Jamiroquai, King of Convenience, Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. etc.
He has also created and developed the brand “Goldfish”.
An innovative idea, a club anti club that contains quality, great music and sophisticated taste.
This party comes to life in different and unique locations each time, where visual art and performances are melting with the real star of this concept: the music.
Prominent pro audio partners as: Bose, Allen Heat, Void, Rane, Rcf etc.etc. have enthusiastically embraced this new way of “clubbing”.
With their “Goldfish Streaming Edition” in which several Djs are Djing live on Facebook from around the world, they reached thousands of people that shared and loved the purpose of this project.
Goldfish in 2016 has presented a further extraordinary ‘vision’ of the format in the form of ”Silverfish”, the most exclusive shade of the Goldfish concept, offering its guests a private dance floor experience like no other.
He is the Dj resident for the new born Xociety party at TENAX club, one of the most important House Music Club worldwide since 20 years.
He is a regular guest for the Paradox night at the EGG club in London

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